8 Great U.S. Travel Spots For Outdoors Lovers

This is a guest post from Jasmine Martin. Jasmine runs a great blog covering the Chickasaw Country in Oklahoma, if you have some time go and check it out. This is How To Camp Out’s first guest post! Enjoy!

People who love the outdoors may have the best sense of just how vast and wonderful the United States are. So, for those who want a variety of the best this country has to offer consider these locales.


Florida is a dream for all lovers of the outdoors, from bird watchers to hunters and fishermen. First, the majority of the state’s border is coastline, much of which is undeveloped. This fact translates to a variety of different habitats, from endless beaches to environmentally important wetlands regions.

Another powerful reason for visiting the Sunshine State for outdoor adventures is their state parks system, which offers everything from tubing on the Ichetucknee to the opportunity to see unusual wildlife, like manatees and whooping cranes.


One has only to look at a map and it is evident that Oklahoma offers a wealth of opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. Though the state has no coastline, rivers stripe the state and lakes dot all parts of the map. The extensive river and lakes system makes Oklahoma an ideal visitor location for fishing, canoeing and kayaking, and boating.

Mountains and hills are also sprinkled across the Oklahoma countryside, offering locations for camping, mountain biking, and hiking. Sites to watch birds and wildlife are numerous across the state. Oklahoma’s differing terrains make it a must see destination for any outdoors lover.


Maine combines the benefits for four clearly defined seasons with some of the most dramatic scenic vistas in the country. Four seasons present visitors with a greater variety of activities, including skiing and snowshoeing.

No visit to Maine would be complete without a visit to Acadia National Park, one of the jewels in the national park system. At certain times of the year, a visit to some of the outlying islands may include viewing one of nature’s more interesting birds, the Atlantic puffin.


For those who like their weather a bit milder, visit California. Like Florida, the state’s size means a variety of “looks” and habitats, from the desert areas in the south to redwood forests in the north.
The Pacific also grants a chance “outdoorsy” individuals to fish, swim, hike, sail and surf. Like the terrain, the coastal vistas vary greatly for those who simply want to enjoy nature’s beauty.

Denali National Park

Visitors who want to see and do a lot, but only visit a single site should consider this park that is almost the size of a small state. Hunters, fishermen, and wildlife watchers will all be well pleased with a stop at Alaska’s most popular (and largest) park.

Atchafalaya Basin

The Atchafalaya Basin encompasses one million acres of crucial wetlands including swamps, bayous and lakes. What this means for visitors is an experience they will not find anywhere else. While Florida, Alabama and Georgia all have swamps and bayous, none is graced with the presence of two major rivers, one of them the mighty Mississippi.

Cumberland Island, Georgia

Another one of a kind destination is Cumberland Island National Seashore. While there are many reasons to visit, two are compelling. Wild horses roam the island, and few sights are as dramatic as horses running in the Atlantic surf.

The second reason lovers of nature should visit is the almost pristine condition of the island. A strict limit on the number of visitors and only a handful of private residences means individuals can experience forest and coast all but untouched by man.

Big Sky Country, Montana

Who hasn’t dreamed of a night under a sky filled with stars? Big Sky Country is that place. A sense of the “largeness” of nature is reason enough to visit, but some of the nation’s best fishing should also attract visitors. For that feeling of the old west and the great outdoors, visit Montana.

“From the oceans, to the prairie…” these locations traverse the variety of outdoor activities. If a visitor cannot find their favorite “good time” somewhere on this list, it does not exist.

Jasmine Martin is an outdoors enthusiast who loves camping & hiking with her 3 children. She recommends learning more about Oklahoma’s outdoor activities by visiting www.ChickasawCountry.com.

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