Bacon Weave S’mores!

Bacon Weave Smores

Sometimes you just need a snack that is slightly salty, a little sweet and 100% goodness! Well the Bacon Weave S’more might be just what you are looking for!

Now while the Bacon Weave S’mores might not be the absolute 100% picture of a healthy food, they sure do make an awesome comfort food! One thing is, if you want to make these while at the campsite, be sure and bring along some aluminum foil….there not quite as easy to handle as your more traditional Graham Cracker S’more.

Bacon Weave S'mores

Want to know how to make Bacon Weave S’mores?

  1. Take 5 pieces of crispy Bacon
  2. Weave them together
  3. Lay one Bacon weave down
  4. Add a Hershey’s choclate piece and a marshmallow
  5. Top with other Bacon Weave
  6. Microwave for 30 seconds
  7. Enjoy!

Bacon Weave Smores

So now you know how to make the now famous Bacon Weave S’more! If you are looking for some more awesome ideas for easy camping food or just damn fine cooking, check out Dude Foods. You can also find a little more detailed instructions there as well for making the Bacon Weave S’mores.


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