The Kershaw Fire Starter Review And Demo (with video)

The Kershaw fire starter at first glance doesn’t really look like much. It’s really only two pieces of metal and a plastic handle. The results though are awesome!

Let’s face it, in today’s world you will probably never need a fire starter if you are just car camping or not doing any crazy back country hikes. But, the Kershaw fire starter is a must to have….just in case. Add this with the fact that all your buddies will think you are a total bad ass for being able to light a fire without matches or a lighter, and you’ve got a winner.

Now here’s the deal, for full disclosure, I’m putting a link to this product right here…..and right here….and right here….buy this thing. You need it, you want it, If you’re a guy your girlfriend will think you’re sexier than Brad Pitt for starting a fire with your bare hands….and ladies, ladies they say the fastest way to a man’s stomach is through his heart, or pretty close to something like that, anyways, it is a guarantee that you will never be any sexier than the night you create a fire with this fire starter. Put away the Mossy Oaks lingerie and grab you a Kershaw fire starter….and light his fire….(sorry).

Read the more indepth review below….seriously, read to the bottom for a chance to win your very own, brand spanking new, Kershaw Fire Starter!

The Kershaw Fire Starter is super easy to use. Here are the three steps to operation:

1. Make a small, dry pile of flammable material (dry grass, wood shaving, dryer lint, etc.)

Fire Starter

2. Hold the fire starter close to the pile of kindling and run the striker at a right angle down the length of the fire starter

Fire Starter

3. Once fire is lit, add increasingly larger pieces of tinder to produce an outstanding fire

Fire Starter

Fire Starter

That’s it! It really is that simple.

The good thing about the Kershaw Fire Starter is that it even works wet, so in case your matches that you were carrying in your pack pocket get caught in a rainstorm, you have a good back up option.

So, since you’ve read this far, you definitely deserve a bonus! The folks over at were nice enough to send an extra fire starter to HTCO…now, while it’s tempting to keep it, you can actually win this brand new Kershaw Fire Starter!

You can enter to win 4 ways, leave a comment below, like us and share this post on Facebook,  retweet this post on Twitter or pin this post on your Pinterest board(and yes, if you do all 4 you will be entered 4 times). Contest ends Sept. 3rd 2013. Enter now and you could be the proud new owner of this awesome Fire Starter!



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